Supplement to ACATR EDS19990910DDC01



DDC-I A/S (the client) hereby requests that the Ada Conformity Assessment Authority (ACAA) extend the certified status documented in the above-referenced Ada Conformity Assessment Test Report (ACATR) and in Ada Conformity Assessment Certificate (ACAC) A991113E2.2-001 to the implementation class(es) described in the following pages.

Technical Contact:

Jesper Jørgensen
Gl. Lundtoftevej 1B
DK-2800 Lyngby

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 Ada Conformity Assessment Authority     Date


Implementation Class Information


Implementation Class Category:  Maintenance

Processor Identification:  DDC-I SCORE Sun/Solaris Ada Compiler System, Version 2.2

Host Systems:  Sun SPARC running Solaris 2.5.1 or later

Target Systems:  Same as host

Representative Processor and Configuration Tested:

Host System:  UltraSPARC5 running Solaris 2.7

Target System:  Same as host

ACATS Version Used for Testing Representative Processor:ACATS 2.4 (VCS label A2_4D)


Client Certification of Testing and Processor Derivation:

I, the undersigned, representing the Client, certify that the above identified representative processor was tested on the described configuration with the customized ACATS version described above, including the code modifications and implementation-defined substitution values that were used in the conformity assessment leading to the certificate named in this Supplement, with modifications described in this Supplement, and that the testing results were the same as those obtained in that conformity assessment, with exceptions as described in this Supplement. I further declare that the Client knows of no deliberate deviations from the Ada language standard (ANSI/ISO/IEC 8652:1995) as corrected by Technical Corrigendum 1 (ISO/IEC 8652:1995/Cor.1:2001) in the identified representative processor above. I further certify that the above-identified representative processor and configuration meets the definition of base, maintained, or rehosted implementation (as described in the Operating Procedures for Ada Conformity Assessment).

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Erik Jensen     Date


Maintenace Changes:

Various corrective and perfective changes has been performed with the most significant for the ACATS being:

ACATS Modifications:

Apart from the ACAA changes to ACATS from version 2.2F to 2.4D, the following modification was made:

The following allowable modifications in ACATS 2.4 (VCS label A2_4D) were used:

See ACATR EDS19990910DDC01-2.2 for the allowable modifications used in the original assessment.

Test Results Differences:

There are no test result differences except the obvious ones:

Of the tests added to the suite between ACATS 2.2 (VCS label A2_2F) and ACATS 2.4 (VCS label A2_4D), none were graded as inapplicable or unsupported.

ACAL Review:

The Electronic Data Systems (EDS) Ada Conformity Assessment Laboratory reviewed the results submitted by DDC-I A/S, as described in this Supplement, and has confirmed that all test results submitted are equivalent to those produced by the reference processor.


Ada Conformity Assessment Laboratory
Phil Brashear
Eds Conformance Testing Center
4646 Needmore Road, Bin 46
P.O. Box 24593
Dayton OH 45424-0593