Supplement to ACATR EDS19970918GHS04

November 14, 2001

Green Hills Software, Inc. (the client) hereby requests that the Ada Conformity Assessment Authority (ACAA) extend the certified status documented in the above-referenced Ada Conformity Assessment Test Report (ACATR) and in Ada Conformity Assessment Certificate (ACAC) 980403e2.1-004 to the implementation class(es) described in the following pages.

Technical Contact:

Jim Gleason
Green Hills Software, Inc. 2708 Alternate 19 N.
Palm Harbor, FL 34683

Approval: ______________________________    ________________
                     Ada Conformity Assessment Authority     Date


Implementation Class Information


Implementation Class Category:  Base

Processor Identification:  Green Hills Optimizing Ada95 PowerPC Compiler, 1.8.8E

Host Systems:  Sun SPARC running Solaris 2.5 or later

Target Systems:  PowerPC 860 family running VxWorks 5.3/Tornado or later