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8.5 Renaming Declarations

A renaming_declaration declares another name for an entity, such as an object, exception, package, subprogram, entry, or generic unit. Alternatively, a subprogram_renaming_declaration can be the completion of a previous subprogram_declaration.


renaming_declaration ::= 
   | exception_renaming_declaration
   | package_renaming_declaration
   | subprogram_renaming_declaration
   | generic_renaming_declaration

Dynamic Semantics

The elaboration of a renaming_declaration evaluates the name that follows the reserved word renames and thereby determines the view and entity denoted by this name (the renamed view and renamed entity). A name that denotes the renaming_declaration denotes (a new view of) the renamed entity. 
NOTE 1   Renaming can be used to resolve name conflicts and to act as a shorthand. Renaming with a different identifier or operator_symbol does not hide the old name; the new name and the old name can be visible at different places.
This paragraph was deleted.
NOTE 2   A subtype defined without any additional constraint can be used to achieve the effect of renaming another subtype (including a task or protected subtype) as in 
   subtype Mode is Ada.Text_IO.File_Mode;

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