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Ada Reference Manual (Ada 202x Draft 17)Legal Information
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ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) and IEC (the International Electrotechnical Commission) form the specialized system for worldwide standardization. National bodies that are members of ISO or IEC participate in the development of International Standards through technical committees established by the respective organization to deal with particular fields of technical activity. ISO and IEC technical committees collaborate in fields of mutual interest. Other international organizations, governmental and non-governmental, in liaison with ISO and IEC, also take part in the work. In the field of information technology, ISO and IEC have established a joint technical committee, ISO/IEC JTC 1.
 International Standards are drafted in accordance with the rules given in the ISO/IEC Directives, Part 2.
The main task of the joint technical committee is to prepare International Standards. Draft International Standards adopted by the joint technical committee are circulated to national bodies for voting. Publication as an International Standard requires approval by at least 75 % of the national bodies casting a vote.
 Attention is drawn to the possibility that some of the elements of this document may be the subject of patent rights. ISO and IEC shall not be held responsible for identifying any or all such patent rights.
International Standard ISO/IEC 8652 was prepared by Joint Technical Committee ISO/IEC JTC 1, Information Technology Subcommittee SC22, Programming languages, their environments and system software interfaces.
This consolidated edition updates the third edition (ISO/IEC 8652:2012). This version includes corrections and improvements intended for a future version of Ada, herein named Ada 202x. Besides the corrections included in Technical Corrigendum 1, additional corrections and improvements are expected for Ada 202x; the timing and form (Corrigendum, Amendment, Revision) of future improvements has not yet been finalized. Thus, any proposed feature or correction may be substantially changed or withdrawn before an updated language begins standardization. These draft documents are not an official publication or work product of the ARG, but rather are provided by the Ada Resource Association ( as a service to the Ada community.

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